Background Checks:

Do you know who are you hiring?

The most common answer would be “not really”. For this reason, background checks along with drug testing are crucial steps when considering candidates. Don’t just rely on resumes and interviews, get all the information you require to determine if an applicant is truly right for a position within your company.

Benefits of background checking and drug testing:

Save time and money

Customizable formats based on client needs

Drug testing service is available both on-site (urine) or lab-based

Robert Palmer and Associates has partnered with National Crime Search, to offer many services to aid in the hiring of your next employee:

SSN Verification and Address Tracker

National Criminal Background Inquiry

Motorized Vehicle History

Sex & Violent Offenders Inquiry in Multiple States

Medical Care Services History

Employment Credit Reports

Volunteering History

Leaseholder Screening

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Bad hire

It has been proven that companies that perform background checks and drug testings greatly reduce the risk of being a victim of employee theft, fraud, or embezzlement. Background checks expose past criminal record if it exists, and prevents your company from losing thousands of dollars because of a bad hire.

Potential issues

Performing background checks on applicants and current employees is an effective way to uncover potential issues that could affect your business. National Crime Search, our professional partner, offers many screening options that are convenient. Therefore, allowing you to make quick decisions when considering an applicant, with all the confidence you need to protect your business.

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