Business Owner

Business Accounting:

We have it all here! Robert Palmer and Associates can help you implement a hassle-free management system for all aspects of your business’s finances. Our systems are dynamic, meaning they’re designed to easily change as your business does. We will assist you, on a temporary or ongoing basis, with all of your business’s needs, including:

Training your personnel on the operation of the accounting system

Comprehensive bookkeeping services

Comparative analysis against companies of your size and type

CFO contract services

While specializing in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate, Robert Palmer and Associates can provide expertise in almost any area of the business cycle.

Strategic Planning:

This may include:

Business Plan Construction

Cash flow projections

Financial projections for the current year and future years

Reporting needs for loan servicing and SBA lending requirements

Budgets and Planning documents to assist in managing the growth of your business

Insurance Advice:

Robert Palmer and Associates will assist you as the small business owner with a thorough review of your insurance policies.
We will work with your insurance brokers to ensure you are meeting your risk management strategies.