Uploading Files to RPA Passport

Open a web browser and type: www.robertpalmerandassociates.com

Click on the Client Portal menu.

Type in the email address you initially provided and password you setup in the login screen. Passwords are created by the client and can not be retrieved by Robert Palmer and Associates.

Click on File Exchange on the left hand side.

You will see a folder where you can upload your documents.

After clicking on the folder, click Upload.

Click on Add Files.

Select the file you wish to upload. Once you have added all your files, click on Start Upload.

You will see the files you have uploaded.

Now you may logout. An email notification has been sent to us letting us know you have new files for us.

Downloading a Document from your Portal to your Computer

After you have followed the instructions to log into your portal, click on File Exchange.

Click on the folder containing your documents.

Click on the box beside the document you wish to download.

Click on Download All.

You will see a message pop up asking you if you want to open or save the document. Click on the arrow beside the Save button and choose Save As.

Choose the location you would like to save the file in.