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Meet Robert Palmer & Associates, Client Manager, Heather Schettler

December 12, 2019

We invite you to get to know Client Manager, Heather Schettler. Learn what Heather does on and off the clock, and how she contributes to making our firm great!

What do you like best about working for Robert Palmer & Associates? 
I enjoy working for a small business where we all work together as a team for the benefit of our clients. Although we work hard, we always have fun and it feels more like family, rather than business colleagues.

If you could do another job (for just one day), what would it be?
I think it would be fun to be a travel agent/vacation planner where I help people coordinate their dream vacation destination. 

What is your favorite vacation destination? 
I don't have a specific favorite but have one requirement...it must be on a sunny beach where I can put my feet in the sand.

What is your personal motto? 
Stay in your lane. 

What are the top three highlights of your life to date?
Marrying my husband, the birth of my son and finishing my first half marathon. 

What would you most like to tell yourself at the age of 13?
Don't worry about things you cannot control. Focus on the things that matter. 

People would be surprised to know: 
As much as I love my coffee, I don’t like anything “coffee flavored”. 

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